Kids Mini Block and Roll Cart


Material: Juniper Wood MDF

Ages: 12 months +

 Size (cm): 21.5x19x7

Packaging: Close box

Units: 12

Product Description:

  • Build, push, pull, fill and carry with this perfect little Block and Roll Cart! 21 bright, multi-coloured, various shaped chunky blocks fill the cart, encouraging hours of play and creativity!
  • This multi-functional, versatile toy is durable and and ultra stimulating to help nurture and develop many skills, such as hand-eye coordination, understanding of shapes, colours and patterns.
  • Inspires children’s creativity and imagination – your kids will love playing with & exploring new ideas with the variety of colourful shapes. Provides endless hours of fun!
  • Super-high quality, wooden material and built to last and environmentally safe, non–toxic and totally safe for your kids.