Pound and Tap Musical Bench


Material: Bass Ply TeeWood

Ages: 12 months +

 Size (cm): 29x14x20.5

Packaging: Window box

Units: 6

Product Description:

  • The Pound and Tap Musical Bench is designed to encourage musical development and audio recognition for your child. Your tiny tot will want to explore the different notes that sound out as the balls fall upon the keys. A rainbow colour xylophone slides out and thee melodious notes will ring out loud and clear and delight your child as they grow in musical ability and confidence!
  • This classical musical instrument has endless options with pounding and tapping to musical favorites, in order to make learning fun for toddlers who are dying to engage and explore the world around them.
    Develops fine motor skills, inspires creativity and imagination as well as encourages a thirst and flare for music!
  • Non-toxic finishes and child safe materials.