Kids Play Cube Centre


Material: Bass, Ply, Teawood

Ages: 24 months +

Size (cm): 19.2×19.2×19

Packaging: Close box

Units: 6

Product Description:

  • Play cube centres have an innovative, new and exciting twist to normal play cubes! This cube combines multiple fun activities into one ultimate play center!A fantastic design coupled with stimulating activities provides hours of exciting, stimulating play. Each side features a different activity such as Telling the Time, Counting Abacus, Pathfinder and classic Rollercoaster Beaded Wire Maze to visually track the beads.
  • A truly a multi-sensory adventure that is not only entertaining but will help young children develop hand-eye coordination, visual tracking skills, counting, number and color recognition and so much more!
  • Entertaining, engaging, and educational with no loose pieces – a truly revolutionary and unique toy! Great for the home, schools… practically anywhere!