Ring Stacking Balancing Bears


Material: Bass, Plywood, MDF, Teawood

Ages: 24 months +

Size (cm): 23x11x15

Packaging: Window box

Units: 12

Product Description:

  • Unique and refreshing classic ring stacker with a twist, incorporating two colourful bears on either side of a see-saw, teaching your little one all about balance‚Ķ. remove one ring and watch the see-saw tip!
  • Learn to stack the rings equally to balance the see-saw once again and save the bears from toppling over!
    Solid, chunky, colourful rings that are perfect for little hands.
  • Introduces the fundamentals of balance to your child, develops hand-eye coordination, fine motor skills and thinking skills so you can begin to help put their thinking cap on!
    Smoothly sanded, brightly coloured and non-toxic.